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Friday, November 04, 2005

How to get it out there?

I was recently talking with some non-library friends about new library services such as blogs, instant messaging, podcasts, etc. One of my friends aptly said, "I had no idea libraries were doing all of this." This, I feel, is an all to common reaction to library services. My friend went on to say..."how are libraries getting this information out to people." At that I stammered a bit and basicly said that I really don't feel like they're doing much. This was a sad conversation and one that I think needs to be more directly addressed by libraries. There are library marketing resources, but I'm unsure how often they are truly being implemented.
We need to work on capturing the attention of non-library users.


  • I LOVE the Library and am very passionate about ours:)It was a deciding factor in our big move a year ago.I'd be lost without it.
    You rock;) and I look forward to your posts!

    By Blogger Ms.L, at 3:29 PM  

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