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Friday, October 21, 2005

getting blogged out

So today I looked through what seemed like millions of blogs and links and links and blogs--it's overwhelming. I started thinking about this biblioblogosphere and frankly I got confused and disappointed. There is so much out there--too much! I don't know who is what or what is who. What information is credible? All the links turn me in circles, I can barely stand it! Plain and simple, I have gotten blogged out... Though here I am one in the same blogging away and desperately trying to make it worth it.

Today I decided to see what, if anything, Walter Mossberg (Wall Street Journal) had to say about blogs and other related technologies. The brief reviews he gives on various technologies proved to be quite interesting to click through.

I also registered with bloglines and filled my feeder up with, what I hope to be, interesting blogs. I like the simple interface that a feeder provides--I was yearning for such simplicity. Feeders make reading blogs more efficient because only content is provided if it's new. That and all the blogs you want to read are in one convenient place.

I suppose I got overwhelmed because I have the desire to absorb it all. I see a link, I click--I need to make better more informed choices on which blogs I'm going to spend time reading and which ones I'm not. I need to think more critically about the biblioblogosphere and only spend time reading the information that is directly related to my needs--at least for now. Once that is accomplished I think I'll slowly delve out into the true depths of the biblioblogosphere more fully.


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