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Friday, September 30, 2005

Review: 4 blogs

Here is a review of four other library-related blogs I took a look at...

Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog
Bailey, Charles W. Jr.

This is a great blog for those in academia. However, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog differs from many other blogs in that it is a one-way exchange. Every two weeks the blog is updated by the author with various bibliographic reference to open access publications concerning the many facets of scholarly electronic publishing. There are no commenting options or categories available, but the information provided is all highly relevant.

The Kept-Up Academic Librarian
Bell, Steven J.

This is a well organized blog including an in-depth catagories list, archives, recent posts and comments quick links, a list of selected blogs, and a what’s to come section. Quite relevant to librarians and others interested in current trends within academia. Readers have the option to suscribe to the blog and make comments. The blog title speaks well of the subject matter in that this blog is all about ‘keeping up’ with academia.

Neat New Stuff on the Net - Weekly Reviews of New Sites
Block, Marylaine

This blog is similar to the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog in that it acts much more like a bibliography than an open-discussion blog. It is however, less scholarly in nature. The thing that I find the most destracting about this blog is the various links to the author’s accomplishments. I feel that the site would look more professional if there were but one link (more about Marylaine) pointing to the authors accomplishments, resume, etc… The graphic elements of this blog alone immediately had me questioning its authoritative validity.

Wright, Stephanie

Extremely informative and well organized open-forum blog concerning libraries and technology. The list of catagories is both extensive and pertinent, as are the lists of other library blogs and resources. The topics being discussed are “hot” within the library world and the linking within blog entries promotes seemless research.


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