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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Kenosha Day Trip

Today I hopped on the Metra and went up to Kenosha, Wisconsin. The day was without plan and led to one great adventure. Of course, I stopped by the public library. It was fairly small, but seemed to have pretty decent programming (there were quite a few fliers posted).

Upon my return I checked their website and was shocked by the lack of integrated technology, but at least they had a website. With all of the techno-driven library literature I've been reading and the fact that I live in a major metropolitan area-Chicago, I've started to take integrated technology within libraries for granted. Though, upon reviewing the Kenosha Public Library website, I was hit with what I believe to be the technology divide. There is still much work to be done in order to breach this divide. Many libraries, in all genres, are behind in the area of technology for a multitude of reasons and their services may be suffering. It seems to me that all of the "newish" technologies (blogs, IM, podcasts, etc) are being used in libraries in order to increase exposure and create presence.

I think we tech-savvy librarians need to create a presence within libraries similar to the Kenosha Public Library...


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