In My Librarian Mind

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

To answer my own question...

Why an MLIS?
It's who I am, who I always was, and who I yearn to be each and everyday. It's an infinite and ever-changing world of opportunity and aside from this recent bump I really do love librarianship. Today I was told to by my "boss" to "take my librarian head off" I'm not even sure what that means. If I were to take my librarian head off whom would I be? Librarianship does not merely dwell within my head; it's in the depths of my core and affects everything I do. I assess, weed, collect, and organize my closet. I make resourceful websites and bibliographies in my spare time.
I am librarian, hear me roar!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still looking

So far I haven't ever truly felt the need to blog, but as of late I've grown quite frustrated and when I'm frustrated I vent through writing.
I'm sick of searching for a job--sick, sick, sick!!! I worked ultra-hard throughout my academic career ending with a 3.9725 gpa. I accomplished this in a little over a years time while working 3 jobs. I held an internship at Northwestern University as well as completed a praciticum at the University of Chicago (2 of the nations most prestigious universities). Also, I have been working in libraries ever since I started undergrad. So why is it that I'm still looking for work? Better yet, why is my current "boss" (I'm temping) the V.P. of library services not even an MLIS?
I'm beginning to regret it all and that seriously makes me (you guessed it) SICK! Why did I spend the last year of my life and $26,000 getting this degree? Can someone please, please clarify this for me? Everyday I look at job postings, I apply, and either hear nothing or hear rejection.
I've been applying for jobs for the past 7 months--sent out roughly 100 resumes.
I'm burnt out, I'm sad, and I'm really feeling hopeless.