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Friday, April 07, 2006

The Search

I'm currently researching various topics within the library world:
  • Virtual Worlds
    • Educational gaming
    • Publishing models
    • Where does a virtual library fit within a virtual world?
  • Library Websites
    • What it the connection between user instruction and the library's Website?
    • Usability
    • Information Architecture
  • Digital Libraries/Collections
    • Where are the librarians?
      • My research has shown that there is an increasing need for tech-savvy librarians
    • Where are the digital libraries/collections?
      • I've found that accessing/finding these often open access collections is quite difficult
        • How can we make these collections more "findable"?
I've also been sending out lots of resumes, interviewing, and waiting for responses. Who knew graduating would make life so much more difficult?


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